As an event planner, image matters - My hair is a masterpiece!  Maria is truly a gifted artist. Her atristic skills is nothing short of "picture perfect." She is brilliant with color, cut, style and makeup!  Maria is really professional and will offer you great service.  I love and trust her expertise.  My husband Matt loved LOVED my makeup and hair.  This is something special I want to give my sister and two nieces. -- Punam Luthra


Thank you for all your patience.  Everything turned out great! You  made us all less stressed just by doing our hair and makeup. Thank you Maria and to  your assistant.  -- Stefanie Choy-Callanta (Sister of Melanie Choy)

What a pleasure it was to have Maria do my hair and makeup.  She's wonderful and does a GREAT JOB! Thank you , tons.  -- Mia Salvador 

What can I say?  Fabulous job, Maria!  -- Mother of Mia Salvador 


Three words: "ONE STOP SHOP."

I've gone to Maria for everything that involves hair and makeup. From haircuts and haircoloring to hairstyling, updos and makeup to getting makeup lessons to having photography provided all in one store!  I got everything I needed just from one visit.

She has a natural eye for beauty.  Not just for my makeup alone, but also for my hair and my whole wardrobe which makes her unique in her industry.

She made me realize that my outward appearance matter a lot and I feel more confident about myself!  She always made me look good no matter what type of style I requested.. from a simple makeup to a magazine look.  I'd recommend MVL Designs to everybody who wants to feel and look their BEST! -- Pamela Samonte


Maria has been doing hair and make up for a really long time now. Last December, she did my make up for my sister's wedding. The bride was going to do her own make up but got too nervous so Maria ended up doing it for her and my sister could not be more pleased with the outcome!! She is always REALLY helpful and FUN. If you are looking for a stylist, Maria is definitely the person to go to!!  -- Nikki Dang


Maria has been doing my hair for years now. I always get asked who does my hair or where I go. She does a great job and she's great with customer service as well. Prices are reasonable for the incredible quality of her art! I wouldn't go anywhere else!  -- Diane Carreon

Haircut Makeover after Wedding 

Maria has wonderful taste and she's very up to date with the new styles. She did a fantastic job with my hair and makeup on my wedding day and I've just recently had a makeover hair cut by her last week and I've received nothing but good comments from others of how my hair looks!

My favorite part was our trial run for my wedding! It's a great service to have because you get to see how you'll actually look on your special day! and what's great about that is you can change ANYTHING about your hair and makeup at that time. Maria is really good about making you feel happy, comfortable and stunning!   --  Reena Zamora

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Maria over the years through random encounters, and I've always known that she'd be able to get out there and make something great of herself.  Fast-forward several years, and I had the luck to run into her, only to find out she put her creative-self to good use and established herself as a professional in her industry.

I figured it would be a nice pick-me-up to get a makeover from her, and I knew I needed some extra help in the ways of the "Woman"...  I was born without the fortune of having an older sister, cool cousin or stylish mom to figure out makeup/hair - and prior to this, I had the same look from high school for close to 6-8 years.  I thought I knew what I was doing, but little did I know... so off to Maria I went.

An appointment was set, and Maria was strictly professional, regardless of our acquaintance from years back.  She made follow up calls to remind me of what I would need to bring and prepare for: when to shampoo my hair depending on what I described, makeup and wardrobe if I had any.  

I arrived at her studio/salon and she immediately proceeded to get to work.  She color matched my skin, and asked if I had any input as to what I would like... which didn't matter to me much, since I was more than happy to give her creative control.  She also asked if I had any questions or concerns, and I definitely answered with a laundry list of things I felt insecure about, but she was able to put my mind at ease and find solutions to fix the problem.  My whole purpose was to sit there and watch the magic happen...  I was able to watch her every move and figure out what it was I needed to learn, thanks to her answering my questions.  I loved the dramatic look she gave me, especially since it was something I would have never dreamed of doing myself, ESPECIALLY the classic "red lip".  Thanks to her, I'm perfectly confident with doing it on my own and not feeling like an insecure jackass that cannot do it properly.

Afterwards, she moved me to her salon chair and went to work styling my hair in several styles.  Hell, I didn't even know my hair was capable of doing the things she did with it...  It's always so drab and flat when I do it on my own, but Maria was able to give me voluminous curls... have me shake it out during a test shoot [like serious headbanging crazy]... tame my mane and pin it up into a gorgeous bridal up-do... take it out for more photos with it blowing in the wind... then to finish it off, style it in a cute pouf afterwards.  

It was definitely a whirlwind experience, watching myself transform NUMEROUS times within the day from "Plane Jain" that just jumped out of the shower and fought through traffic to make sure she wasn't late for a consultation - to a butterfly that was reincarnated like 100x's in a day.  Forget butterflies, it was better than that.

I would definitely love to go back to have her cut and color my hair, and would definitely take what I learned from her that day to heart.  Hell, I went back to school with all the new tricks I learned and everyone could barely recognize me!  They all assumed I had a makeover, and that's always nice to hear... but then again, I must have been a wreck prior if it was THAT dramatic... heh.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to find a new look for themselves or learn something that could help them feel good for a lifetime.  I ESPECIALLY recommend her to anyone wanting to step outside of the box with her, because she'll definitely step up to the challenge and help you shine.  You'll definitely get what you pay for, because she's worth it.  -- Sharon Tran

 Maria, Omigod I love our trial.  What more can I ask for on my wedding day?! -- Rachel Marcial 

Maria was awesome as usual! She works wonders especially because my hair is so thin!  -- Lori Chen 

I've known Maria for about seven years and have always looked up to her natural sense of style!!! Her profession as a hair and makeup stylist is only fitting because of her innate ability to visualize and enhance a person's image through her mastered skills and techniques. She has performed her hair and makeup talents on me plenty of times with outstanding results. I recently got my hair done by Maria and receive numerous compliments everywhere I go! Maria has that keen ability to turn the simplest of alterations into an immense transformation through her noticeable passion for hair and makeup. Not only is she great at what she does, she also has the ability to communicate and understand her clientele needs and makes an effort to have each client leaving confident and pleased about their experience with her. I highly recommend Maria for any of your hair and/or makeup needs!!! -- Stacy Dudero

The haircut is so me.  I love it!  Maria is truly an artist!  -- Katherine Cardona 


  •  Maria Rocks!  She transformed me from plain to beautiful!  -- Vita Yee

  • I stumbled across MVL Designs online and wound up having Maria doing my hair and make up for my wedding this past weekend.  She was very friendly and professional at the same time.  I really liked how she was very flexible and listened to what I wanted instead of pressuring me to do things her way.

    The end result of her hard work was amazing, she transformed my long locks into a beautiful half up, half down do and applied my make up so meticulously, making sure that it suited me... i loved it!  The extra bonus was that both my hair and make up lasted all day and throughout the night (I even went dancing afterwards!).

    Her prices are very fair considering the amount of time she spends on you.  I would highly recommend Maria (and MVL designs) to any bride to be! =)  -- Quyen Do

  • Ms. Maria has had the most beautiful hair and makeup for as long as I've known her... so its no surprise that she has such a successful business!  

    Maria's flair for fashion really translates into her work.  She can go really classic or she can go out there.  No matter what style you choose, she will have you looking gorgeous!

    After looking at her work [including her hair and makeup from her own wedding] I booked her to do both my hair and makeup, and that of my bridal party.  Her complete professionalism and wonderful style has got me super excited and I have no worries that my girls and I are going to be beautiful on my special day :)  -- Leanne Hernandez

  • I never trusted anyone to do my hair but for some reason, I just felt like I can really trust Maria.  Usually, I'd ask my hair stylists "what are you going to do with my hair?" But with her, I just said "go for it, do whatever you want to it."  She did a great job. I love her!  I'm coming back to get my hair colored and more chop chop.  I found my forever hairstylist that I can 100% trust.  -- Clairol Balguiedra

  • I have never felt better and more confident about myself for so long.  Maria, thank you and God bless you and your family! -- Karren Torres

  • First time short hair cut and I must say... she did it PERFECT!  Made it "not-so-first-time scary experience."  It was nothing but fun!  I love it.  Thank you so much!  -- Cherish Evangelista

  • I've always had faith in Maria. She has been doing my hair since we were kids!  So I already know She was someone I could put my total trust in especially because I'm extremely picky with my hair.  MVL never fails to exceed my expectations.  I am a client and her friend for life!  -- Casey Atud

  • Maria, you are wonderful! You transformed my hair just by a simple cut! You are truly a master in your own right! Thank you! -- Mary Jane Aberin-Marchan

  • Maria, you are great; really sensitive to customers concerns.  Thanks.  -- Shruti Hari


  • I love the work that Maria does with hair! Everything turned out beautiful!  -- Karen Chan (Bride)


  • I absolutely love the color of the base and the highlights!  My hair is now ready for the wedding!  -- Erin Chin


  • Followed picture sample well and efficient.  -- bridesmaid of Karen Chan


  • All of our hair turned out great.  The makeup was gorgeous.  Maria was very accommodating.  -- Erin Chin (Bride)


  • Hi Maria, Thank you! Everyone kept complimenting me on my hair and makeup!!!!!  They wanted to know who didi it.  So I gave them your web address.  We all loved it! We all looked beautiful because of you!!!  -- Ann Agustin


  • Great working with Maria making a stressful day enjoyable.  Thanx! -- Christina Bratis


  • The makeup has totally changed me into another person! The makeup artist is so nice and really listens to what you want! Thank you and will recommend you to everyone!  -- Trisha Goor


  • Everything was wonderful. Great service, knowledge, and friendly. -- Cani Ruen


  • Very cooperative, Maria! Thank you for working with us.  It's been a pleasure. -- Denise Bratis 


  •  Hi, Maria, I was mentioning to Punam that I wanted to try one or two more hair styles before I decide on the look for that day. I LOVED the one you did!!! Thank you very much Maria!!! will be in touch soon! -- Tina Bratis


  • Love the hair and the makeup! Excellent service! Love the eyelashes! -- Kristine Rivera


  • Quick – Great look service.  -- Yean Choy


  • MVL Designs helped make my friend’s wedding day that much smoother and more enjoyable – from the beautiful hairstyle, to the natural makeup all in the comfort of our hotel room.  Thank you.  -- Erin Ragazza 


  •  Hi Maria! I just wanted to thank you for yesterday and let you know that I really love my hair... I got a lot of compliments!!  -- Stefanie Kimmel

  • You transformed us to different individuals, looking 10 years younger just by doing our hair!  We like your system we learned a lot of things on how to take good care of our hair. Thank you so much.  -- Hermy Pastrana and Mariet Cortez Basilio








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